The Diepsloot Youth Programme is a Non-Profit Organization that works with different schools and other community groups and forums around Diepsloot, Gauteng.

Their goals are as follows:

  • To increase the love of education.
  • Developing talent into a career.
  • Diepsloot students pass mark increased.
  • Increase of students’ engagement in Maths and Science.
  • To see the school dropouts stopped.
  • School kids and community understanding and improvement in morals.
  • People more aware of their rights.
  • Encouraging people of Diepsloot to avoid crime and the use of drugs.
  • To see the rate of drug abuse going down.
  • Decreasing violence between young and old.
  • To give life improvement tools to the community of Diepsloot.
  • To lead better lives.
  • To create a love of the environment.
  • The community to know that the programme works.
  • To be a very professional group.
  • To assist the SAPS where we can in their development and safety programmes

The Family Africa

The Family Africa is a faith-based organisation bringing real hope for the future to thousands of people from previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

Their projects include, but are not limited to:

  • HIV/TB Support Group
  • HIV Mother’s Support Group
  • HIV/TB Counselling Centre
  • Day Care Centre for Orphans
  • Children’s Sunday Club and Feeding Scheme
  • HIV/AIDS Education School Programmes
  • Child Headed and Gogo (Grandmother) Household Units and Support Groups
  • School Age Orphans: Care and Support


  • Food Voucher Programme for Malnourished Children
  • HIV Awareness Workshops and Early Learning Seminars
  • Family Health Programmes
  • Homework Assistance for Underprivileged Teenagers
  • Teen Dream Programme Using Music, Drama and Excursions
  • Support for the Elderly and Vulnerable Families
  • Prison Ministry
  • Parenting Workshops

Midrand SPCA

The Midrand SPCA came into existence in 1991 to address the pressing needs arising from Midrand’s rapid development and the growing number of animals in residential areas, including informal settlements and underprivileged communities.

Some of their core functions include, but are not limited to:

  • To prevent cruelty
  • To Uphold the APA
  • To Conduct Proactive inspections
  • To Address Cruelty Complaints
  • To Rescue Animals in Need
  • To Encourage Outreach Programmes
  • To Educate
  • To Conduct Home Inspections
  • To Facilitate Adoptions
  • To Provide Clinic Services
  • To Conduct Community Service Programmes

National Sea Rescue Institute

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is the charity organisation that saves lives on South African waters – both coastal and inland. Their goal is to prevent drowning through rescue operations, education, and prevention initiatives.

Some of their core functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide Lifeguard Units
  • Provide Rescue Bases
  • Educate Communities
  • Train Volunteers
  • Teach Survival Swimming
  • Ensure that the Latest Equipment and Technology is Being Used at All Times
  • Supply Pink Rescue Buoys where Lifeguards are not on Duty
  • Conserve South Africa’s Marine Areas
  • Support Animal Rescues

Oliver’s Village

Founded in April 2021, Oliver’s House (also known as Oliver’s Village) is a non-profit organisation operating from Benoni in the East Rand. The organisation was founded with the purpose of providing social services to the disadvantaged communities of Benoni and Daveyton.

Some of their core functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Early childhood development
  • Feeding programmes (such as the soup kitchen)
  • Computer training
  • Education through their agricultural college
  • Poultry projects
  • Education centre
  • Agri and home bakery projects
  • Community flea markets