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What is electricity? To most, electricity is simply ‘the thing’ that keeps the lights on at home. However, as electricity-obsessed people, we know that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to electricity. Here are a few fun facts about electricity: The life and inventions of Thomas Edison: After Thomas Edison’s invention […]
We as South Africans have had to endure up to Stage 4 load shedding in recent weeks and there are plans for the implementation of Stage 5 and Stage 6 load shedding. It is safe to assume that load shedding may be an ongoing and regular occurrence in South Africa over the next couple of […]
Making use of electricity within the home has become what some would call “second nature”. However, the problem with something becoming second nature is that it is often done with a lack of focus. With that being said, it is absolutely imperative to regularly inspect the home to ensure that electricity is being used as […]
Humanity has survived many evolutionary phases on Earth, with one of the biggest changes being the discovery of electricity. Now, imagine if this was suddenly ripped from our grasp and we were forced to revert back to a pre-electrical era? In a split second, digital infrastructure would become a thing of the past and we […]
You don’t want to discover the morning after an incident at your premises that the images from your CCTV are unusable. More often than not, bad security camera footage is the result of poor lighting. Here’s our top 10 tips to getting this fixed. 1. For clear images, use lots of light There’s no getting […]
Let’s shed some light on this situation… There’s been a misunderstanding within the industry where people have confused us (Khanyisa Electrical Suppliers) with Khanyisa Prepaid. Please note that Khanyisa Prepaid is a completely different company and although they have a similar name to us, we have no relation to them. While we do supply high […]
Did you know that humans are enormously photosensitive? The wrong lighting in your workplace can lead to a lack of focus, bad moods, drowsiness and ultimately depression. Office lighting is considered one of the most important factors in ergonomics, but too often, this part of the office design is overlooked. If you suspect that your […]
Step 1 Use a humidifier. Static electricity is more active when the air is dry, especially in the winter months when people heat their houses, further reducing humidity in the air. Increase the humidity in your house and workplace by using a humidifier. The moisture in the air can help reduce static charge from building up. […]
Being electrical specialists, we often get asked about how to cut electricity costs. So, here are some tips on how to help you stay warm this winter, while controlling your electrical consumption at the same time. Close all windows and doors before turning the heater on. If you have pets consider installing a pet flap. […]
Here are 10 easy tips to help keep your energy bills down. Wear the right clothes Dress for the temperature. Layering clothes and wearing wool helps keep you warm in winter, and means you can turn your heater down. Shut doors and close curtains Heating or cooling the whole house can be expensive. Where possible, […]
A new study has found that exposure to bright light can restore the sinking sexual desires of men during the cold winter months. Scientists from the University of Siena in Italy have discovered that sitting in front of a light box can increase testosterone levels, boosting sexual satisfaction in the process. The study was comprised of 38 men who had complained of spiraling […]
Although it is possible with the MR16 system, to simply purchase the Star T MR16 12v 6Watt Hi-Powered LED and directly retrofit your halogen lamp, it is not what we would recommend. If you did make use of this option you would not derive the full electrical savings potential of your LED lights. GU10 220V 50W […]
With so many trade shows taking place in such a short space of time, the lighting industry has been emptying the lab and getting the latest kit and concepts on display. A tech revolution is happening in lighting – and the speed of development is blistering. Here we identify the biggest trends you need to know […]