Did you know that humans are enormously photosensitive? The wrong lighting in your workplace can lead to a lack of focus, bad moods, drowsiness and ultimately depression.

Office lighting is considered one of the most important factors in ergonomics, but too often, this part of the office design is overlooked.

If you suspect that your office lighting is affecting performance, here are some tips you can look at to improve your situation:

  • Install energy saving lights in your office – it’s a very cost effective option in the long run.
  • Replace any flickering fluorescent lights.
  • Take note that a person’s age and vision can affect their lighting requirements so make sure that you accommodate these needs.
  • Another factor to consider is the color of the lighting (warm, cold or otherwise)
  • Make sure that you have indirect overhead lighting, movable direct task lighting and natural light in your office.

It is important to make these changes to improve wakefulness and productivity in your office.

If you need help or suspect that your lighting needs to be fixed, contact Khanyisa Electrical Suppliers. We may be able to work with your existing installation and improve the quality of your office environment.

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