Being electrical specialists, we often get asked about how to cut electricity costs.

So, here are some tips on how to help you stay warm this winter, while controlling your electrical consumption at the same time.

  1. Close all windows and doors before turning the heater on.

If you have pets consider installing a pet flap.

We often leave windows open or sliding doors slightly ajar to allow our pets access to the outdoors. This is all well and good but these openings have a detrimental effect on maintaining warmth in our homes

  1. Use a draft stopper.

The old fashioned draft stoppers at the base of doors really work to help keep the warm air in.

  1. Install insulation in your ceilings

Home insulation is a great way to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. .

  1. Use your washing line instead of a tumble dryer.

Tumble dryers use more electricity than most other appliances,

  1. Remember to draw your curtains to keep the heat in. Warmth escapes through glass, so covering your windows with drapes or blinds helps stop the energy loss.

Thick curtains with pelmets at the top keep in approx 37% more heat than bare windows.

  1. Wear a jumper or extra layer of clothing.

When getting home, most of us love removing the warm jerseys that we wore during the day, however, an extra layer of clothes will save you ZARs on electrical bills.

  1. Only heat the space you need.

Rather than heating your whole house, just heat the rooms you are in at the time

  1. Turn off the heating once you get into bed even if it means you require an additional blanket or two.

This is far cheaper than running heaters all night.

  1. Be fireplace smart.

If you have a fireplace that is not in use, make sure the chimney damper is shut. If your fireplace does not have a damper, try closing off the chimney with cardboard, as fireplace chimneys draw the warm air out your home.

Be sure to remove the cardboard before using the fireplace again.