Although it is possible with the MR16 system, to simply purchase the Star T MR16 12v 6Watt Hi-Powered LED and directly retrofit your halogen lamp, it is not what we would recommend. If you did make use of this option you would not derive the full electrical savings potential of your LED lights.

GU10-220V-SystemGU10 220V 50W Halogen type lamp, the lamp has two knob type connectors and twists into its’ lamp holder.

Star-T LED conversion

Star-T-LED-conversion Wire-wound-transformerRemove the electronic transformer, the MR16 lamp holder and replace with the GU10 220V conversion adaptor holder secure GU10 adaptor onto spring on side of the down-light fitting and fit GU10 220V Star T LED 6W Hi-powered LED.

Secondly, if your existing transformer is the wire wound type the Star T LED will operate perfectly however as the transformer itself consumes more power than our LED so you will certainly not achieve the desired electrical saving.

Your new Star-T LED should look like this

LED-light-a LED-light

[Please note that all electrical installations and/or repairs should only be carried by a certified electrician.]

 The advantages of converting to LEDs by Star T vary according to application but in general the following are certainty and are indisputable:

  1. Electrical saving. Halogen application draws 50W – the Star T LED draws 6W this is an electrical saving of around 88%. In any facility  which operates the LED for periods of 12 hours daily or longer the payback period will be within 15 months depending on your cost of electricity. This payback period is calculated only taking into account your achieved electrical savings, your savings on air-conditioning and maintenance costs is not included and therefore this saving is simply an additional bonus.
  2. Less heat generated. 85% of the power consumed by a Halogen is given off as heat into its’ environment, the average operating temperature of a 50W halogen can be as high as 150deg C. This high operating temperature as a marked effect on increasing your air-conditioning costs in stores and offices. The operating temperature of the Star T LED is around 45deg C and even after long periods of operation can still be handled without protection or worry of burning your hands.
  3. Lower operating Temperature. This lower operating temperature also results in a longer lifetime of the fittings in which the LED is housed in. No heat damage or discoloration to the surrounding ceilings. This makes the Star T LED ideal for use in jewelry display areas, show cases and cabinets.
  4. Long lifetime. Halogens average from 1000 to 5000Hrs lifetime and this specification is under perfect laboratory conditions. In real life this lifetime can be as low as 700 to 3000Hrs. The Star T LED’s lifetime is 30,000Hrs plus and in fact carries a 24month replacement warranted.
  5. Long lifetime. Will eliminate the maintenance cost of continuously having to change your lamps. In a store environment this will mean that there will no further disruption and inconvenience to your staff and cliental. Therefore increased productivity.
  6. The Star T LED has a CRI of > 78 and our Warm White LED has a CRI of > 82 therefore when making use of our Star T LEDs for lighting up of display areas we are able to produce a light which will give you a true colour reproduction.